How membership works

As the world’s leading luxury concierge company, we grant you unparalleled access to a vast global network of lifestyle managers and specialists dedicated to fulfilling your every desire. Our bespoke, seamless service makes anything – and everything – possible.

Anything, anytime, anywhere.
Every LONDON2TOKYO member will receive a one-to-one personal contact, known as a lifestyle manager, who will familiarize themselves with their member’s tastes and aspirations. Increasingly rare in our digital world, this personal touch ensures every request is understood and executed effectively across all aspects of life.
Saving you time
Centered on the core idea of returning to our members the priceless gift of time, we have dedicated twenty years to setting the standard for lifestyle management services. Apart from daily matters, our network provides guidance on a range of topics, from real estate to education.
Giving you access
Granting entry to what was once unreachable stands as one of our utmost strengths – be it private gatherings at Versailles, exclusive boxes at the Kentucky Derby, or coveted invitations like Lamborghini's ultra-private club, previously closed doors now swing wide open.
The intimacy and customization of the interaction with an individual lifestyle manager create a unique tailored experience. Apart from fulfilling every request, this person takes initiative by providing suggestions and timely reminders to ensure no chance goes unnoticed.

What our members say...

"I can't imagine my life without my lifestyle manager, they're practically like family."
"Everyone at LONDON2TOKYO has consistently shown kindness, patience, and effectiveness while managing my diverse, sometimes unique, demands. I appreciate their assistance and wholeheartedly endorse LONDON2TOKYO Elite membership to those aiming for a more efficient lifestyle."
"Becoming a part of LONDON2TOKYO has undoubtedly been among our most rewarding choices. It has exceeded our expectations in every way. Our social lives and vacations before joining LONDON2TOKYO seem unimaginable now. Your thoughtful touches on our bookings are truly appreciated."


Anything, anytime, anywhere.
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